Date: July 2-3

Location: Mt. Fuji

We started our climb at the 5th stage...mostly unaware and unprepared.   6th stage...
7th stage...notice that we are all wearing jackets now, and that a mini KitKat costs about $2.   Uh, somebody at the 7.5 stage. At this point we were becoming human popsicles.
8th last! Thank God for electric heaters and hot chocolate. The man on the left is José, possible one of the coolest people we met in Japan. He provided us with food, advice, and even extra clothes.    
    Looking down the mountain you can see how steep the climb was.
Yes, that is snow at the top of Mt. Fuji...what do you expect at 12,400 feet?   Mt. Fuji is an extinct valcano...which is a good thing.
Josh is still cold despite the extra clothes provided by José.    

A panoramic view of one of the best sunrises I have ever seen.