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Asahi Koi Facts - Answers to commonly asked questions on Koi
Asahi Koi Care - Do's and Don'ts
Bekko and Utsuri - Color Classification
BubbleBead Filtration - Use of Floating Bead Filter
Dissolved Oxygen - Effects on Water Quality
Freshwater Test Kits - Which One to Buy
Hanako - The story of "The World's Oldest Koi"
How to Repair a Crack in a Concrete Pond - My Own Experience
Introduction - Introduction to Koi
Kohaku - Color Classification
Koi Classification - Some Koi colors and patterns
Koi Diseases - A Guide to Koi Diseases
lil Hal - The story of "li'l Hal"
More Information - Periodicals, Books, Links, etc.
Nitrogen Cycle - Effects on Water Quality
pH - Effects on Water Quality
Plastic Filter Media - Bioballs, etc.
Poisons - Chlorine, Chloramine, and Pollutants
Pond Filter Media - Biological Filtration Media
Ponds & Filters - Information on Koi Ponds and Filters
PLAYKOI - Koi of the Month
Salt - As a treatment for disease
Showa Sanke - Color Classification
Shower Filters - Information on Shower filtration
Spawning of Koi - Breeding Koi yourself
Tancho - Color Classification
Tashio Sanke - Color Classification
U.V. Sterilizers - Ultra-Violet Sterilizers for the Pond
Water Quality - A Complete Discussion

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